My first time I went to a speed friending event in Austin, I made 5 girlfriends that I still see at least once a week.  – Modesta B.  (Austin, TX)

I really enjoyed the experience and felt it was very well organized and the hosts did an excellent job making it fun and welcoming.  – Emily H. (Austin, TX)

Of all the meetups I’ve been to, this has been the most entertaining. – George G.  (Los Angeles, CA)

Great concept and perfect for someone like myself with little time to socialize and find new friends after relocating to Austin. I would definitely do it again and recommend this event to others. – Berto B.  (Austin, TX)

Loved it !!!… First time I gathered the courage to get out there and just meet new people !!…. LOL… I must do this again ! - Soledad S.  (Austin, TX)

I didn’t know what to expect going into this, but its nothing like I imagined at all. The atmosphere was friendly and people were genuine. I thought it would be like speed ‘dating’ but NOT AT ALL. There was absolutely no pressure or stress to impress.  – FanMarie M.  (Chicago, IL)

Great questions and a fun, non-pressure event. – L.T. A.  (Austin, TX)

It was beyond what I was expecting, really enjoyed it. Good mix of people showed up tonite, the hostess was very entertaining and made the event a good one and ran it well too. I look forward to trying it again in the future.  – Dan M.  (Minneapolis, MN)

It was so awesome I lost track of time! Really cool people who I can’t wait to see again, better than I could have hoped for. – Karen C.  (Washington, D.C.)

Thank you all! I nervous about attending – but it going was totally was worth going and meeting everyone! A very clever way of meeting people. I really hope that we can meet up again! – Helen C.  (Austin, TX)

 It was a great platform to meet and greet new people. All the strangers whom I saw at 7:30pm last night, turned out to be fabulous friends just in matter of couple of hours :). Interestingly found one, saying positive on winter in Chicagland. I haven’t heard anyone saying that; till I met this person and thank you friend for encouraging me as this is my first winter in chicago :). And all of them are so nice and passionate professionals in their respective careers. I am glad that I could make it and it was worth driving in the snow from suburbs for this event :)  - SaiGanesh Chintala  (Chicago, IL)

 Speed friending Chicago is a great way to get out and meet new people. I went to my first event alone and walked out of it with 6 new friends. There is no pressure or obligations at these events and you can be yourself without worrying about others judging you. The environment is very social and you will find that there are many people just like you eager to get to know you. Do not hesitate to attend one of these events if you’d like to try something new! ”A hello could lead to a million things  - Mijo Bradica (Chicago, IL)

This is a great way to make new friends. I met a lot of cool ladies. I’m glad I came. I would come again. – Rhonda B.  (Austin, TX)

It was lots of fun and great to meet so many new people! – Karin B.  (Austin, TX)

We had a great group of ladies, and I think everyone left with a bunch of new friends and numbers to connect later on. Some of us actually already got together again a few hours after the meetup and had a great time! – Shannon C.  (Austin, TX)

This was a super fun event! – Kelly A.  (Austin, TX)

I had a really good time. – Khadija P.  (Austin, TX)

It’s a great way to meet people. – Jeremy A.  (Austin, TX)

I met a guy at your event!  Things are going pretty good!  Thanks!  :)  – Michele M.  (Austin, TX)

 Can’t wait to do more of them!!!  – Neil P.  (Dallas, TX)

Great idea! – Shannon G.  (Austin, TX)

First one I attended and I think it went great. Relaxing and fun atmosphere. – Larisa T.  (Austin, TX)

Upon arriving in Austin for a new career, life, and adventure I felt time was wasted on trolling the downtown or internet.  Thankfully I stumbled on SpreedFriending early and was able to make friends from all walks of life who, like me, had left their social networks in other cities.  SpeedFriending has become my go-to source for easy and fun networking with surprise encounters and conversations each time.  – Brian B.  (Austin, TX)

Great way to meet frends or expand on you current social circle and just have fun. – Chris. B.  (Austin, TX)

I had a great time at this event. I was nervous going there, but as soon as I stepped in the pub, I could see that it was going to be just fine.  – Crystal M.  (Austin, TX)

Very fun! – Pat K.  (Los Angeles, CA)

I think it is a terrific way to meet new people. It was a lot of fun, too! – Pam A.  (Dallas, TX)

Fun Experience – Claudia L.  (Chicago, IL)

Based on this event, I’d say thumbs up! – Michael C.  (Chicago, IL)

A fun and interesting way to get out and meet new people! – Bob F.  (Fort Lauderdale, FL)

I had a great time with really cool people. I’d totally do this again! – Rebekah T.  (San Francisco, CA)

Fun unique way to meet a bunch a people quickly! I loved how fun my host made my event too. – Trisha M.  (San Francisco, CA)

My first event was a great experience and I am looking forward to doing it again ! – Allen S.  (Houston, TX)

I really enjoyed it and meeting new people. – Jenny B.  (San Antonio, TX)

 I would go again! – Julie K.  (San Antonio, TX)

Had a great time, every one was open and friendly. – Jose R.  (San Antonio, TX)

Great way to get to know people who have similar interests. It was a successful fun event that lets those involved feel comfortable in a social environment. – Mark C.  (Dallas, TX)

It was great got to meet many new people in the area. – Arthur L.  (Dallas, TX)

Great event! The host did an awesome job and it was fun meeting new people. – Briana B.  (Minneapolis, MN)

 I had a great time meeting everyone! The questions asked were fun and thought provoking, which I like a lot.  - Brandy C.  (Minneapolis, MN)

It was a good time! I hadn’t gotten out and met new people in quite a while, so it was an easy way to accomplish that and it was quite fun!  - Tom M.  (Minneapolis, MN)

I had a great time! – Laura S.  (Washington, D.C.)

I had so much fun! Love the questions and the laughter! – Karen C.  (Washington, D.C.)

Super fun night with an awesome group of people! Juliana & Alex did an amazing job hosting the event and making everyone feel comfortable, and I’m really excited about the new friendships I made. Definitely glad I didn’t miss out on this event, and I can’t wait for the next one!! – Allison B.  (San Diego, CA)