Start a Speed Friending Business with Speed Friending Events!

Start a speed friending business - you’ll get everything you need to run speed friending events and earn a new income stream. Speed Friending is a proven business, fun to run and enjoyed by customers. Speed Friending Events have an amazing ready-to-go service. You’ll be set up in no time and avoid all the hassle of starting from scratch!

We make it is so easy for you. Speed Friending Events is different to a speed dating franchise – it will be your speed friending business, with your chosen name – and profits are yours!

The service is ideal for anyone who would like to set up their own speed friending business, event planners that would like to branch out into a new area, as well as venues (bars/restaurants/clubs) wanting to run fun singles events and boost their revenues. We have run great speed friending events, and featured on BBC and the Travel Channel television – now you can do the same. Be a part of it!

Ask for our demo and see for yourself how easy it is to set up and run a speed friending business with the help of Speed Friending Events.

Have your own speed friending business, set up in no time!


An Individual?

Would you like to start your own fun speed friending business?

  • No experience necessary
  • We make it easy for you!
  • Profits are yours
  • Full or part time – you decide!

Find out how to start a speed friending business where you live! Contact us!


A Venue Manager or Owner?

Would you like to set up speed friending nights?

  • Do you run a great venue, like a bar, club or restaurant?
  • Like to have busy nights?
  • Want to run new fun events?
  • Like to bring in new customers?
  • Want it to be very easy?

Find out more about what we can offer you - if you want to know how to start your own speed friending events, contact us!


For Individuals

Speed Friending events are fun to run and extremely popular – a great small business (and one you can make big!). Speed Friending Events will set up everything for you – then it’s all yours! We make it so easy. It’s your speed friending business and your profits!

No experience required – just enthusiasm! Remember:

  • It’s fun to run!
  • Tailored for your location
  • You decide when and how to run events
  • You’ll have our expertise to help you

Does this sound like you?

  • Have some spare time?
  • Like to have your own business and income?
  • Like meeting people and reasonably organised?
  • Live in a place over 60,000+ population? (over a million is fine too!)

The Speed Friending Package

Speed Friending Events provides everything you need to run your own speed dating business and earn new incomes. It’s a proven speed friending business model and it’s ready-to-go – making it easy for you to run your speed friending events.

Speed Friending Business Manuals

Simple, easy-to-follow guides on how to run speed dating events with tips on marketing your events with minimum effort. You’ll do it right first time, make more money long term, and have a great speed dating business. No mistakes first time round!

Speed Friending Documents

All the documents for the speed frienders and event administration on the night. It’s all ready – just print the documents!


We are there to provide support if you need it, especially as you start your speed friending business. Always just a phone call or an email away! That’s just great! Contact us!


Couldn’t I do it myself?

You could. But it takes a lot of effort to set things up from scratch, more than you would expect! And a lot of time and money to do it right! There are pitfalls and mistakes to avoid, which could sink the business. And you won’t have all the tips we can offer you. Speed Friending Events offer you a super service, at a great price, in quick time – and it’s a proven success.

Is it easy?

Speed Friending Events make it simple for you to operate your speed friending events with minimum effort. Your events can be occasional or very frequent – whatever suits you. Both approaches are profit making. You decide. We show you how.

We know how to fill venues and give customers a great night – now you can do the same!

Find out more about what’s included:

  • User Guides and Support
  • Profits
  • Prices

I want to run Speed Friending events – sign me up!



Prices to Start your own Speed Friending Business

Easy-Start - The low start cost allows you to start out and see how it goes. You only pay more once you have earned more – pay just $500 for every $5,000 you take in ticket sales. This plan is ideal if you are not sure how many events you will run per annum. With our finance options, the starting cost is even lower!

Standard - If you intend to hold many speed dating events per year then this one-off price is the plan for you. A fully operational, customized, ready-to-go speed friending business at a fantastic price! of just $1,250.00

Finance Options

Finance is available. Whichever plan you go for, pay just a fraction of the costs to start. You just pay the rest due at a later date as you run your events and generate cash from sales. Great for your cash flow! Set up your own speed friending business – but at low cost. Contact us for details using our contact form or email us at