About Us


Remember when you were young and it was easy to make friendships that could last a lifetime? What if you could meet people as easily as you used to?

Today, constant work pressures and daily interruptions harm chances of you having a satisfying and meaningful social life. Social Media and technology have become substitutions for having quality friends in person. Speed Friending Events provides Events, Mixers, and Parties, where like-minded people looking for friends come together to connect and meet new people in a super fun low-pressure environment. We focus on creating a space for our members to laugh, have a great time, and make new friends. If you’re looking to meet new quality friends and you don’t want to continue searching on the internet to connect with people, then look no further, Speed Friending Events TM are for you.

Tired of making friends one by one? Save time by attending our events where you can meet lots of people all at once all looking for friendship. Multiply your social circle in a hurry within an environment of low-pressure and quality interaction by experiencing the nationally popular Speed Friending Events TM for yourself. Our Speed Friending Event participants are guaranteed to make two or more good connections they are happy with from each event.

Whether you’re new to a city, returning to the social scene after breakup and divorce, or if you are just looking to get connected to new social circles outside of your workplace, the value of a true friend is the greatest feeling in the world and Speed Friending Events makes sure you get connected with new and lasting friendships.   Tell your friends about us and check out our next monthly event happening in over 12 major cities around the U.S.